Frequently Asked Questions

What can you expect

You can expect daily updates of games (eventually software and game hacks if requested). Also, you will get support on discord if you have any issues or problems.

I have game, game update, hack or software request. Or I need help. What should I do?

Please, join the discord and look for help center section. You can open ticket there. Or you can use request page. Also, make sure to read whole post and whole faq before opening ticket otherwise I will ignore your ticket. Eventually. you can comment under post.

My anti-virus detected the game as virus? Is this normal?

Yes, it’s pretty normal. Antivirus marks almost every cracked game or game hack as a virus. Even though it’s not and it’s 100% safe. It’s because game files are modified to be able the game without purchasing it.  I suggest you turn off real-time protection or any other anti-virus before downloading/extracting/running the game otherwise your antivirus will delete it and you will not be able to play the game.
Click on text for a tutorial on how to disable real-time protection.
You can enable real-time protection later.

I am getting error when running game?

It might be problem with your anti-virus that is blocking important game files or you are missing imporant drivers. There is link for all in one drivers. Also make sure that you are running game as administrator.

Can I really play multiplayer with my friends?

Yes, if you will follow correct steps that are written in post then you can. Sometimes you can play with friends that have paid version of the game (depends on version and game).